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2011 Antech Price List   Email/Print Print Pdf
Jen antech price list.pdf
Airplane Flight   Email/Print Print Pdf
I hereby certify that I have examined Lucky, a 4 year old mixed breed dog, and find that said dog is in good health, and is able to be maintained on an airplane flight so long as the ambient temper......
Allergy   Email/Print Print Pdf
CANINE ALLERGY What are allergies, and how do they affect dogs? One of the most common conditions affecting dogs is allergy.  In the allergic state, the dog's immune system "overre......
Craig/db 6/6/07 allergy.rtf
Approach by Strangers   Email/Print Print Pdf
  Approach by Strangers     Before starting this training, your dog should know how to sit and stay at your side and have completed the relaxation protocol. Please use t......
M. Lucinda Craig DV approach_strangers.rtf
Aquatic or Treadmill Therapy   Email/Print Print Pdf
Red Dog Pet Resort and Spa: 1.  No Vet on staff 2.  Sandy Hodges is their trainer. Is a certified aquatic practitioner. 3.  Web Site: 4.  Request......
Bailey Hounshell Discharge Instructions.   Email/Print Print Pdf
Bailey Hounshell 10/31/09      The single most important task is to keep Bailey fed. Here at Baker House Bailey has eaten dry Purina puppy food for the first time today. Baile......
Bandage Care   Email/Print Print Pdf
Bailey Wilder 7/16/09 Bailey has what may be an infected toe on his right front foot. He has been given an injection of antibiotic called Convenia. This will last for 14 days. Rimadyl has been presc......
Behavior Questionnaire   Email/Print Print Pdf
mlc behavior 1.pdf
Behavioral Medication   Email/Print Print Pdf
Does Your Puppy Need Prozac?     While the majority of dogs do not need Prozac for behavior problems, this option is now available for dogs. Behavioral medicine along wi......
M. Lucinda Craig DV behavioral_pharmacology.rtf
bojarb lecture   Email/Print Print Pdf
Techni-care 1. Monoject 3cc syringe 2. 7/16" towel 3. Pipe cutter 4. Drill holes with dremel Profilactic Antibiotic      Double dose 1-3 hours before surgery Oxyfres......
Canine Dental Chart   Email/Print Print Pdf
Jen Canine dental chart.pdf
Canine Maximum Care Neuter   Email/Print Print Pdf
Please keep this letter as it contains your pet's post surgical care instructions.     Your dog is scheduled for a maximum care neuter.  Neutering is the surgical rem......
Canine Water Therapy   Email/Print Print Pdf
See Attached Canine Water Therapy......
ilyak canine_water_therapy.pdf
Cash Drawer Form   Email/Print Print Pdf
Jen cashdrawer.pdf
Cast Care   Email/Print Print Pdf
Cast Care Please keep the cast dry. Use a plastic bag to cover the cast when your pet is going outside. Closely monitor the toes for swelling. Please call the hospital immediately if you no......
Molloy/db 6/28/07 cast_care.rtf
CCL Repair pic sheet   Email/Print Print Pdf
      Your pet has a cranial cruciate ligament tear. This is the equivalent of a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear in human medicine.  A torn cranial crucia......
Ccl repair info pics.pdf
Cherry Eye - Prolapse of the Canine Gland Nictatans   Email/Print Print Pdf
Cherry Eye                                &nbs......
Chocolate Toxicity   Email/Print Print Pdf
Chocolate Toxicity     Theobromine and caffine each have an LD50 of 100 to 200 mg/kg, but severe and life-threatening clinical signs may be seen well below this dose.  Based......
Client / Patient Special Orders   Email/Print Print Pdf
Special Order Items If a client would like to order any of the items on this list; the Client's name, Pets name, and product to be ordered MUST be written on the w......
jen Special orders.odt
Conversion Tables   Email/Print Print Pdf
Weights: 1pound=0.454kgs=454grams=16ounces 1Kilogram=2.2pounds=1000grams 1grain=64.8mg 1gram=15.43grains=1000mg 1ounce=28.4grams 1gram=1000mg=0.035ounces 1milligram=1000mcg 1microgram=1000nan......
Daily cash form   Email/Print Print Pdf
Jen dailycash.pdf
Dental Cleaning Antibiotic Therapy   Email/Print Print Pdf
It is recommended that all pets be treated with antibiotic therapy for 5 days prior to dental cleaning, followed by 5 days after the procedure. When the appointment is scheduled, the client shoul......
Dental Home Care   Email/Print Print Pdf
DENTAL HOME CARE **Please don't forget to schedule your free dental follow-up appointment.  This should be done approximately ten days post-dental.** Taking care of your......
Dental x-Ray Portable - Procedure and Safety   Email/Print Print Pdf
    Presenting the Image-Vet 70ACP  Portable Dental X-Ray Machine. Baker House Doctors and Staff are  happy to have this fine new addition. Hopefully all technical staff wi......
Diabetes in Felines   Email/Print Print Pdf
Craig diabetes_mellitus_cat.pdf

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